Home Improvement Challenges Solved with PunchList, a One Stop Solution

Getting home improvement projects done can be a difficult and time consuming task. Many times the stress of working with contractors to get work done on a home starts before anyone even exchanges money or before the work even starts. When you pair this with the common dilemma of having to do it within a timeline due to pending real estate transactions, the process can get delayed and feel overwhelming to homeowners and future homeowners. There are many pain points to consider when tackling a home improvement project and below are just a few examples.

Hiring home improvement contractors takes a lot of time

When it’s time to start looking into hiring a home improvement contractor, you’ll find that the process is oftentimes excruciatingly slow. First you’ll have to do the research and find a list of contractors that are specialized in all of the improvements you want to make. But once you do that, you need to contact and schedule to meet with each one, and then go over all of the details several times. Even meeting with just a couple of contractors can make this process take weeks as you try to work within everyone’s schedule. When you’re trying to get a home improvement project done, this process before the work even gets started can feel like it’s taking forever.

Choosing the right contractor can be a challenge

Once you’ve received quotes from a handful of contractors, then it’s time to choose one. This may actually be the hardest part because you’re often entrusting this person or company with a large sum of money and giving them full control over the entire project you’re hoping to get done. Looking over the quotes you’ve been given, evaluating each company and the people you actually met with, considering pricing, these are all points to consider when making your final decision. But do you make that final decision based on price? Reputation? How do you know the person you hire is going to do a good job, stay on budget, and deliver the project on time? Making this decision can feel like you’re just making a best guess at who will do your home improvement project justice and no one wants to feel that way.

If you’re not familiar with home improvement it can be overwhelming

If home improvement is new to you, the process is even more overwhelming. You may not know the basics of what needs to be done and have to go off the word of the contractors you’re talking to. But when contractors are trying to get the job, it can be hard to trust what they’re saying is accurate and in your best interest when you have no prior knowledge of anything home improvement related. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of home improvement projects can really help you navigate this and give you peace of mind.

How can you handle all of these challenges that come with a home improvement project?

Introducing PunchList

As made obvious above, the home improvement projects can be a time consuming, and challenging, process for anyone. From getting estimates to choosing contractors and then making sure the work gets done properly, it’s not easy to hire a home improvement contractor. Luckily, PunchList can provide a one stop solution for home repairs so that you or your clients can efficiently complete any home improvements needed.

With PunchList, there’s no waiting days or even weeks for contractors to meet with you and get you a quote for the job. You can get repair pricing from PunchList in as little as one business day! PunchList works with licensed contractors for every single repair and has a support team to manage the whole process for you. This prevents you from having to be the middleman in a process you likely aren’t familiar with, or simply don’t have the time for.

PunchList was designed to be a turnkey solution for realtors working with clients to get their home inspection repairs done. Because PunchList was thinking specifically of real estate agents and the home inspections process from the beginning, the process to get repairs for your clients is extremely simple and geared towards making a realtor’s job easier. But PunchList can also work directly with homeowners who aren’t working with a realtor as well. They truly make the process easy for anyone!

When working with PunchList for home inspection repairs, all you have to do is upload the home inspection report or a repair list and PunchList will provide an estimate within one business day. Once you’ve gone over your estimate, all you have to do is approve the repairs and they will get the process started for you. This is a far cry from all of the back and forth, calling references, and more needed to find suitable contractors on your own. For realtors, it really makes your client’s experience working with you so much smoother and more enjoyable. For homeowners, it takes away a lot of the uncertainty around getting repairs done because you have someone with experience and knowledge there supporting you through the whole process.

Once it’s time for the actual work to start, you will have a licensed contractor on your project as well as having PunchList as a support through the entire process. It’s said that their teams work like pit crews because they are trained to work efficiently in their speciality and get that work done fast because of their expertise. PunchList will also have a staff member dedicated to quality control looking over your home improvement project to ensure it’s getting done right.

When you work with PunchList they are there to support you and take care of the process start to finish with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because of this you can get your home improvement project done with less stress, overwhelm, and wasted time. If you’re a realtor it also makes your clients feel well cared for while they go through the time consuming and complicated process of buying and selling real estate.

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